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One stop shopping for the pharmaceutical and genetic clinical trials industries. We provide solutions for your genetic research needs!

          • Academic excellence in Mexico and Spain.

          • Research friendly environment.


Pan American Research Associates stands ready to assist your clinical trials

          • We provide the services you need: population recruitment and blood collection for clinical trials phase II – IV
          • We have a wide range of expertise and resources
          • Our professional staff have the skills to get the job done
          • We have access to subjects from all parts of Mexico and Spain

P.A.R.A. provides you with:

        • Large patient populations
        • Experienced Researchers
        • Research friendly environment
        • Inpatient and outpatient study capabilities
        • World class laboratory facilities, including a freezer for DNA samples capable of -30° C. with backup generator
        • 8 million population in Guadalajara, Mexico’s 2nd largest city and about one million in Valencia, Spain
        • Excellent research demographics
        • Phase Two, Three and Four Studies with four hospital beds available for research
        • International airports within minutes of our locations

chem180Spanish speaking countries and specifically Mexico and Spain have now become the center of attention for research studies completion because they comprise one of the largest ethnic populations in the world.

The research friendly environment of these countries provides a framework for success for your clinical studies.

Whatever your particular study requirements, from Phase II down to less complicated trials … look to P.A.R.A. to assist you in a professional manner, and to complete your studies in a timely fashion.

We will handle the governmental and academic approval procedures associated with genetic and pharmaceutical studies in Mexico and Spain.

Pan American Research Associates understands your needs, your deadlines, your study requirements and the associated red tape of dealing in a foreign country.